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BodyTalk Pro

Location: Indoors - Duration: 3 hours - Participation: For 6 to 20 people

Communication is a complex process involving people, words, tone of voice and body movements. Many courses quite rightly concentrate on presentation of the spoken word but fewer address the issues of effective non-verbal communication. Studies carried out by Professor Birdwhistell found that the verbal component of a face-to-face conversation is less than 35 per cent and that over 65 per cent of communication is done non-verbally. Our unique event, BodyTalk Pro, focuses on this aspect of ‘body language'.

In this mini master class the participants will:

  • Learn how to communicate non-verbally
  • Have fun working in a group
  • Discover the importance of body language and its application in day to day life
  • Lose inhibitions
  • Learn the first steps in perfecting their business presentations
  • Discover the magic of mime as an art form

Who Is This Workshop For? 

Senior/middle management, sales and project management, employees in corporate business and the media, advertising and fashion industries. And also individual customers on a one to one basis.


To develop company employees’ public speaking skills. To inspire and enhance their self-confidence and to enable them to make their business presentations more efficient, memorable and valuable.


With body language techniques, BodyTalk Pro teaches delegates to master the effective use of body language and, as a result, improve their posture, physical presence, facial movements together with use of eye contact to create a more confident and engaging style when making those important presentations.

This area of corporate business presentation enhancement, although well established in the USA for several years, is still relatively new in the UK. There is most definitely a need and a demand for the teaching of these valuable skills.


Event Overview

Our facilitator is Tim Dry (as seen above), an actor and mime artist with over 30 years professional experience.

Tim gives a basic 1 hour introduction followed by a 2 hour workshop which explores the possibilities of body language as a tool to improve presentation skills using mime technique and improvisations. For example, he chooses a specific action with which the participants can become familiar, such as using only the head and upper torso to illustrate moods and characteristics without any vocals i.e. anger, aggression, shyness, inquisitiveness, fear etc. These are practised by all of the participants until a simple working knowledge is achieved. The group is then split into smaller units which have 20 minutes to create amongst themselves a short improvisation using the mime technique that they’ve been rehearsing.

The teams create scenarios and locations of their choosing. This could be in a Bar, on a tube train, at the beach, in the office etc. In turn, they each present their improvisation to the rest of the audience.

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